Marsha and Steve K

VitalFit Clients

Stephanie has been our trainer for a bit more than 2 years. She is amazing at what she can get these 'old' bodies to do! Her training and experience makes her perfect for any age group. Not only did she help with weight loss & core strengthening, she taught us how to get up if we should fall. She is extremely flexible and understanding about changes in scheduling and works hard to meet with you. She using many different techniques and equipment to adapt to your special needs and ability. At 68 we would never have accomplished so much with her willingness & knowledge. She is very friendly and makes working out fun! We highly recommend her!!

Jill B

VitalFit Training and PNF Client

Stephanie is my awesome personal trainer. I have been with her for a little over a year. She accommodates my schedule with a strong sense of fairness and flexibility. She personalizes my training with consideration of my age.. She is well educated and has worked most of her adult life in physical fitness. For me stretching, strength and endurance were all important so my sessions focus on these areas of well-being. Stephanie ends our workout sessions with stretches which my aging body needs. I look forward to my work-outs. I've felt the difference in daily living. I highly recommend Stephanie as a personal trainer to anyone that wants to improve their health.

Gale R

VitalFit PNF Client

Before my PNF Stretching sessions with VitalFit, I wasn't able to touch my fingers to the floor without bending my knees, and I haven't been able to do that for years. After seeing Stephanie, I was able to finally do that. We continue to work on stretching my hamstrings to improve my balance and flexibility, a real concern for me in my senior years.

Sandi F

VitalFit Training and PNF Client

"Stephanie is a wonderful trainer. I have had a problem with the nerves in my legs for a very long time and she listened to me about wanting stretching exercises. We are making progress!!! I have been with Stephanie for 2 years and am very pleased with her training. She is always on time and she enjoys her work and is fun!"

Bob C

VitalFit PNF Client

As I got older my muscles have tightened up. Stephanie has really helped me work on the my flexibility. It has been a big help in my outdoor activities.

Charlotte A

Owner of Pole Power Fitness

Stephanie and I have trained together for some time and she is very knowledgeable and extremely motivational. I always enjoy our workouts together, Stephanie's passion for fitness is infectious and inspirational.

Alicia M

VitalFit Client

The intial consultation very well along with the first workout, it left me wanting more, I happily showed up the next day to do work! I see big results in my future with VitalFit!! 

Natalee S

Owner of Anytime Fitness

"Stephanie really knows her stuff. She creates fun and exciting workouts for one on ones as well as for group classes. She is always learning and thinking outside the box and I appreciate that!"

Julia T

VitalFit Client

Stephanie is awesome! I have been training with her for about a month now and already am noticing results! Excited to see what is to come!

Kaylyn R

VitalFit Client

I love her process and how she explains things. I appreciate the care she puts into her work, and I am really looking forward to her helping me make my fitness goals. I can't recommend her enough. 

Rebecca J

VitalFit Client

Stephanie was great, she is definetly a go getter and I can't wait to start my workout with her! 

Darbie W

VitalFit Client

Excellent experience. Stephanie is very patient and good at what she does. Would highly recommend. 

Diane C

Plank Purgatory Client

"The Plank Purgatory class is amazing. Stephanie will challenge you to work your core. She has a huge variation of planks that will make sure you are working out your body. You will feel the muscles you used the next day, in a great way!!"

Randi A

VitalFit Client

"Stephanie is a great trainer, she takes your goals and helps you reach them. I can't wait to be done with school so she can help me get back into shape again!"

Nicole J

Plank Purgatory Client

"Stephanie was very responsive to my questions, was encouraging, and varied the workouts to fit my needs."

Paul P

VitalFit Client

"One of the best trainers I have worked with, not only is she personable, but she will push you and work harder to reach your goals."

Kim A

VitalFit Client

"Stephanie has been my trainer for over a year. She is awesome! She knows what she's doing and she accommodates my schedule."

Karen L

VitalFit Client

"I worked with Stephanie a year ago and I would still be working with her if I hadn't moved across town. She takes time to get to know her clients, makes it fun but really works you out and she loves her plank exercises! I recommend her because she got me motivated and didn't berate me to do it."

Mike K

VitalFit Client

"Great core work out. The class is fun and challenging at the same time."

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